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The Ventura County Star reports that in Southern California, the Ventura City Council has voted to put a referendum in front of voters in November 2009, allowing the public to decide on whether big box stores ought to be banned from the city.

According to the story, “The initiative aims to keep the world's largest retailer from coming to Ventura by banning any new store selling groceries that is larger than 90,000 square feet. A Wal-Mart store without groceries would be allowed.

“Big grocers also could face special conditions if they decided to move into an existing but vacant store.

“Although the initiative never mentions Wal-Mart by name, proponents, including residents and grocery unions, began crafting the measure after news surfaced that Walmart wanted to replace the now-closed Kmart on Victoria Avenue with a store of its own.”

KC's View:
Don't know the community, so it is hard to comment very much about this measure. But on the face of it, I can't imagine why it is better to have a vacant building that used to house a Kmart than it is to have an operating, thriving Walmart.