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MSNBC reports that it is widely expected that price-driven promotions will be generated by Internet retailers earlier than ever during this recessionary holiday season. However, “more than ever, shoppers need to pay attention to the fine print on the screen, and stay alert for deals that are changing daily and sometimes hourly. There may be great offers available because of the struggling economy, but if you blink — or don’t click — in time, you could miss out.”

It also is expected that while free shipping may continue to be a draw for consumers, many retailers may raise the price level at which free shipping will kick in.

•The Wall Street Journal reports that “online spending growth in October fell to its lowest rate since 2001, in a sign the sector has been hit by the slumping economy and indicating a challenging holiday season for online retailers. Online retail spending grew only 1% in October from a year ago, following a downward trend that started late last year … The spending slowdown is happening as mid-to-lower income families that make less than $50,000 a year have stopped spending online.”

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