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The Washington Post reports that Sholom Rubashkin, the former head of a kosher Iowa meatpacking plant, has been arrested on federal conspiracy charges “involving harboring illegal immigrants for financial gain and aiding and abetting document fraud and aggravated identity theft.”

According to the story, “The Rubashkins and other company officials were charged Sept. 9 with more than 9,000 misdemeanor violations of state child labor laws over an eight-month period ending with the May 12 raid. The charges involved 32 minors, some younger than 16, who allegedly were exposed to dangerous chemicals and were operating meat grinders, circular saws and other heavy machinery.

“During the raid at the Postville plant, among the country's largest suppliers of kosher meat, agents detained 389 undocumented workers. About 300 have pleaded guilty to federal charges of identity theft. Most of those received five months in prison and were ordered deported.”

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