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MarketWatch reports that Target Corp. trying to regain a little sales magic in a down economy, is going to ramp up its marketing efforts behind a low price message as well as place more of an emphasis on fresh foods.

According to the story, “As part of its move to lure shoppers more interested in making all purchases at a single location, Target also said it's begun testing carrying perishables and other grocery items at its general-merchandise stores. In addition to being hurt by shoppers' perception that like items cost more at Target than at Wal-Mart and at other competitors' stores, Target also has been hurt by its smaller stock of food and heavier exposure to discretionary products such as apparel and home goods that consumers have cut back on in the face of higher food and fuel costs and struggling credit and financial markets.”

KC's View:
I hate it when retailers talk about perishables, because it suggests that they don't understand the power and potential of the segment.

Perishables rot. It is a negative connotation.

Rather, they should call them fresh foods.