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USA Today reports that 100 “scientists and physicians have written a letter to the Food and Drug Administration asking for more regulation of increasingly popular energy drinks because their high caffeine content puts young drinkers at possible risk for caffeine intoxication and higher rates of alcohol-related injuries.” Energy drinks have grown into a $5.4 billion business, growing 55 percent annually, in the US, which is the world’s largest consumer of energy drinks.

• The Detroit Free Press carries a story saying that “food allergies in American children seem to be on the rise, now affecting about 3 million kids, according to the first federal study of the problem. But experts said that might be because parents are more aware and quicker to have their kids checked out by a doctor.

About 1 in 26 children had food allergies last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported today. That’s up from 1 in 29 kids in 1997.”

However, nobody seems to know what is driving the increase, nor why it seems to be taking longer for some children to outgrow their allergies than in the past.

Reuters reports that some 800 employees have gone on strike at 13 Loblaw-owned Maxi stores in eastern Quebec, demanding higher wages and benefits.

• Walgreen reportedly has hired consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton to help it reconfigure its familiar drug store format, a move that comes just days after it said it was acquiring the specialty pharmacy division of McKesson Corp. as a way of expanding into new health services areas.

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