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• In Monday Night Football action, the Cleveland Browns stunned the previously undefeated New York Giants, beating them 35-14.

• In the Major League Baseball playoffs, the Tampa Bay Rays smacked around the Boston Red Sox and beat them 9-2, taking a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven American League Championship series.

And, the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-5 to take a 3-1 lead in the National League Championship Series.

KC's View:
Great line yesterday from an MNB user Dan Jones, who complained (jokingly, I think) that while I wrote about baseball and football, I neglected to “mention the NHL’s 80 game pre-season kicked off this weekend.”

Sorry about that. I guess hockey just isn’t on my radar.

Though this could change, since my 14-year-old daughter has started attending hockey games. I think, however, that she’s more interested in the hockey players than the game itself. Which is probably an even better reason for me to start paying attention…

BTW…I’m still rooting for the Dodgers to make it…but if it ends up being the Rays vs. the Phillies, I’m going to betray my National League bias and start rooting for the Rays. Because they are just too great a story not to go all the way.