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• The Irish Times reports that the union representing employees of Superquinn has written a letter to management “seeking assurances on job security amid speculation the supermarket chain is to be sold.”

Superquinn CEO Simon Burke has conceded that he has been contacted by companies interested in acquiring the chain and that conversations will be ongoing, though he also has maintained that he’s not interested in selling the company.

• The Los Angeles Times reports that MillerCoors has backtracked from a previous position and has decided to delay the launch of its new Sparks Red caffeine-infused alcoholic energy drink. Attorneys General from 25 states had asked the company to abandon plans for the product rollout, saying that it is a “recipe for disaster" because “adding caffeine to alcoholic beverages reduces drinkers' sense of intoxication.”

MillerCoors had said it plans to go ahead with an October 1 rollout of the drink. The attorneys general for the 25 states have hinted that they could file a lawsuit to prevent the release of Sparks Red.

• Published reports say that legislators in Westchester County, New York, are considering menu-labeling rules that would require chains with 10 stores or more to post calorie information on their menus or menu boards. The rules would be similar to those already implemented in New York City, which lies just southwest of Westchester.

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