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USA Today this morning reports that new legislation drafted by Democratic leaders in the US House of Representatives could require new fees charged to food and drug companies that would in turn be used to increase government oversight of these industries.

However, opponents say that any fee increase would come at precisely the wrong time.

"We should not be taxing food companies at a time of record food prices," Scott Faber, vice president of the Grocery Manufactures Association, tells USA Today. "Congress ought to provide the (Food and Drug Administration) with ample funding and not pass that cost on to companies and consumers."

KC's View:
If Congress provides the funding, the money has to come from somewhere. I’m thinking taxes. Taxes get paid by consumers.

If companies have to pay fees, they’re going to have to find the money somewhere. I’m thinking higher prices. Last time I checked, higher prices get paid by consumers.

I agree that the FDA and USDA need to do a better job, and that they need more funding. I also agree with FMI CEO Tim Hammonds that a single food safety agency would be a better, more efficient approach.

But I think we have to be honest about where the money is going to come from, no matter how it is raised. Or am I missing something here?