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The Wall Street Journal reports that there is a least a small groundswell of support for mandated country of origin labeling on prescription medicines in the wake of the revelation that at least 19 people have died because they ingested contaminated batches of the blood thinner heparin from China.

Drug companies say that such a mandate wouldn’t be practical or helpful, and that it is sufficient that medicines meet standards established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But the argument from the other side is that especially now 0- when so much product from China seems to be suspect – consumers deserve to have as much information as possible.

KC's View:
One thing seems sure – China needs a good PR agent. Because with all the product safety issues, pollution, and the humans rights abuses, things don't seem real rosy for China’s public image.

As for labeling, my feelings remain the same. There is no such thing as too much information, and utter transparency is not only a good idea, but increasingly a cost of doing business.