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The Los Angeles Times has a nice piece about the E.& J. Gallo Winery, which is celebrating 75 years in business this year. “With annual sales of $3.5 billion -- about 70 million cases of wine -- Gallo is the nation's largest winemaker. One out of every five glasses of wine drunk in America is a Gallo wine,” the Times writes.

But the story actually focuses on the shift that is taking place within the private family-owned business. “Gallo grew up on selling cheap, often sweet wines such as Hearty Burgundy, Bartles & Jaymes, Ripple and Thunderbird,” the Times writes, but these days is much more focused on premium wines under a wide variety of labels such as Red Bicyclette, MacMurray Ranch, Napa Valley Vineyards and Rancho Zabaco.

The company also reportedly has moved beyond the union and personal strife that afflicted it for many years, which has allowed it to be far more focused on growing the business in a positive way.

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