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Ahold-owned Stop & Shop has unveiled a new recipe contest for kids that could reward the winner with a grand prize of $10,000 in savings bonds.

According to a press release issued by the company, “The contest encourages children ages 7 – 14 to create a nutritious and delicious recipe using milk, cheese, or yogurt and can be for a snack or meal … The contest is being presented by Stop & Shop, 3-A-Day of Dairy, Dannon, Cabot and Garelick…to help promote the health benefits of dairy products in an everyday diet.

KC's View:
First of all, I like any idea that gets kids thinking about nutrition and cooking. The food industry ought to do more of it, and Stop & Shop and its manufacturer partners are to be commended.

However, at the risk of seemingly overly cynical (who, me?), I would suggest that an even better context would be to establish a nationwide search for a 7-14 year-old child who knows what the hell a savings bond is.

The people running this contest need to start talking to young people rather than over-the-hill marketing experts who clearly have their heads in the 1950s. And elsewhere.

This contest is really constructed for the kids’ parents, which sort of misses the point.

You want to get kids interested? Offer them a $5,000 gift certificate to an Apple Store and a $5,000 iTunes gift certificate.

But savings bonds?