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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that just as men are from mars and women are from venue, they also have different approaches to watching online video.

Women, according to a study by Nielsen Online, prefer to watch network television on the web, while men like to watch user-created content.

“At the same time, on user-generated media sites, such as YouTube, men 18 to 34 years old were more than twice as likely as women in the same age group to watch videos. That may be because the content and programming now available on user-generated sites consists mostly of short, humor-driven clips that appeal more to young, male audiences,” the Journal writes.

And, according to the story, “Online-video viewing has become a standard Web activity -- Nielsen Online says 73% of active Web users watched online video in December – but marketers are eager for more information about viewership patterns to help them decide how to advertise alongside this content.”

KC's View:
For retailers considering the use of video on their websites, this strikes me as good information to have – especially if the video is designed to target one gender or the other.