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Advertising Age reports on a new marketing campaign called Tappening, which is encouraging consumers to turn away from bottled water and drink tap water instead. The environmentally themed campaign currently is in the process of collecting one million used water bottled, each of which will be stuffed with pro-tap water messages and then sent, en masse, to incoming Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent.

The overarching theme of the campaign: “Think Global. Drink Local.”

The goal of the campaign is to have the bottles delivered by July, though only 10,000 have so far been collected.

Tappening is looking for a greater use of reusable bottles by consumers, and is looking t sell them on its website.

According to Ad Age, “Tappening is already garnering plenty of attention. It was recently named as a hot item for 2008 by trendwatcher Jane Buckingham on ABC's ‘Good Morning America” (and) some 39,000 stainless steel and resusable bottles imprinted with the logo ‘What's Tappening?’ were sold within a few days of the campaign's November launch…”
KC's View:
At first blush, one would think that it is going to be hard to get Americans to abandon their love affair with bottled water. But then again, I never would expected the canvas bag trend to have gained as much traction as it as…so maybe there is something bigger going on here that retailers need to be aware of.