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The Associated Press reports this morning that in the New York suburbs, the Westchester County consumer protection agency found that local supermarkets were carrying a large number of outdated items.

“An A&P in Greenburgh had 433 outdated items, the most of the 59 stores checked, said Gary Brown, the county director of consumer protection. An A&P in Mamaroneck had 309, a Food Emporium in Yorktown had 255 and a Shop Rite in Bedford Hills…had 247, he said.” One store was selling cheddar cheese eight months beyond its expiration date.

Only three stores had no outdated dairy items, according to the story: Costco, Trader Joe’s and Stew Leonard’s.

KC's View:
It is worth pointing out that the three stores found not to have any expired dairy product all could be described as “alternative formats.”

In this case, at least, the right alternatives.

There is no excuse for this kind of mistake. The only thing that supermarkets really have going for them is food credibility … and they must be vigilant about protecting this advantage. Otherwise, they have nothing.