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As has been my habit the last few years, I will be taking some time off with my family to celebrate the Christmas holidays. So MNB will be on hiatus beginning Monday, December 24, and will return on Wednesday, January 2.

(That doesn’t mean I’ll be completely off the grid. There is other work to be done, the MNB archives will be open for perusal, and I’ll be checking my email regularly if you need anything. Other than that, I plan to sleep late, get at least some exercise, see a bunch of movies, and watch my favorite Christmas movie, “Love Actually,” at least once. I hope you have as much fun as I will.)

Whatever your belief system – whether you worship a deity, describe yourself as a secular humanist or simply have no such beliefs at all – I hope these final days of 2007 will be joyous and healthy for you, and that the coming year will prove to be happy, prosperous and fulfilling – in whatever order you prefer. And, as always, I thank you for making my year such a terrific one…and I look forward to all the fun and debate that we can stand in 2008.

And, I am joined in my wishes by both Michael Sansolo, who helped to make 2007 such a breakout year around here and who has brought new energy to MNB World Headquarters, and by the Content Family, the members of which are thrilled and grateful that you help keep the old man gainfully employed.

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