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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that online sales during Cyber Monday – the first Monday after Thanksgiving, which has begun to rival “Black Friday” in terms of promotional juice – rose 21 percent compared to last year, reaching $733 million.

The Journal reports that according to the comScore Inc., “44% of Internet users shopped online Monday, with 60% of dollars spent online that day coming from work computers, while the balance came from home and university computers … The number of Cyber Monday buyers rose 38% from a year ago, although the average amount spent per buyer declined 12%. That decline may be attributed to the steeper discounts offered by a broader number of online retailers this year and the fact that new buyers tend to spend less online than returning buyers.”

KC's View:
The number of shoppers may be up, but with words like “recession” and “economic correction” and “$100 per barrel oil” being bandied around in headlines, it is hard to believe that total sales for the coming holiday season are going to be much higher than in recent years. Though it is fair to suggest that online sales could see improvement because a lot of people may avoid getting into their cars.