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• The Sacramento Bee reports that 25,000 unionized employees who work for Raley’s and Save Mart in Northern California have ratified a new four-year contract with those two retailers, leaving Safeway as “the only major grocer in Northern California without a new labor agreement.”

According to the story, “Safeway spokesman Brian Dowling said Monday that the Pleasanton-based company was meeting with union negotiators and has more meetings scheduled through the end of the month. The company, with 30,000 area workers, will not rubber stamp the deals ratified over the weekend, he said.”

• The New York Times reports this morning that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has withdrawn previously issued approvals for a new “raised with antibiotics” label that has been used by Tyson Foods on its chickens. The company has until late December to stop using the labels.

According to the story, while Tyson was applauded for announcing last June that its branded fresh chickens would be raised without antibiotics, the USDA has now realized that “Tyson’s feeding plan lists animal medications called ionophores. The department said it had long considered ionophores to be antibiotics.”

Tyson said it disagrees with the decision but is making the requisite adjustments to its labels.

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