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The Indianapolis Star reports that “more than 100 employees of the Kroger distribution center in Louisville have sued Kroger and Zenith Logistics, contending the companies used hidden video surveillance in the men's restroom without the workers' knowledge … The lawsuit says employees discovered they were being monitored on Nov. 11, 2006, and each defendant has suffered injury ‘as a result of the fact that their most private activities in the restroom have been monitored’.”

Kroger has described the lawsuit has being without merit.

KC's View:
It isn’t really relevant, but all I could think of when I read this story was the fact that these employees would never survive in Japan, where Aeon in-store workers are required to give a stool sample to the company at least once a month. That sample is used to determine if the person has any infectious diseases, and if he or she does, they are immediately moved out of any position where they might infect food or other people. It seems draconian, but it is a significant part of the company’s food safety efforts…and it is sold to the employees as being part of their health plan coverage. (Maybe that could be part of Kroger’s defense…?)