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A new presentation by Michael Sansolo & Kevin Coupe

In less than a quarter century, Tesco has gone from a “pack it high, sell it cheap” British grocer to the world’s third largest food retailer...and it has done so with a rare combination of marketing savvy, merchandising discipline, a unique understanding of the customer and the ability to embrace new opportunities without losing focus on the core. From its original UK stores, with stops along the way in a number of European and Asian countries, to its new Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market format in the US, Tesco has been a singular retailing success story – and its strategies and tactics offer numerous lessons for retailers in a variety of venues.

This special presentation by Kevin Coupe and Michael Sansolo puts the Tesco story into context, providing a unique window on its successes while offering object lessons for how retailers can and should respond to its latest innovations.

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