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In this month’s edition of Facts, Figures & The Future, Phil Lempert writes about a recent report entitled Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective:

“As we look around us we are astonished with finding out that our friends and neighbors are overweight, have heart disease, diabetes and cancers. We seem to understand that the current state of Americans' health is not ideal, and that we should be doing something about changing the situation. Often it's too easy to blame a failing health care system, or the cost of eating healthy to use an excuse (or motivation) for change.

“But now, this report, with that powerful word in the title, may actually be the impetus that consumers have needed.

“The news report headlines were simple: the consumption of red meat, processed meats and alcohol as well as excess weight, significantly increases one's risk of developing six different types of cancers.” And, Lempert adds, “The study estimates that about 40 percent of all cancers are linked to our foods, lack of exercise and our body weight.”

Lempert details the various findings contained in the report, and concludes:

“There is no question that our stores must make a wide variety of products available for consumption for all their customers - those who want to eat healthier - and those who do not. But if there is anything that we can glean from the success of Hannaford's Guiding Stars program and the opening of Tesco's Fresh & Easy, is that retailers who stand for something and take that extra step to go beyond just piling it high and selling it cheap, will build a stronger and more long lasting relationship with shoppers and be successful while doing it.”

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And, there’s much more.

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