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Crain’s Chicago Business reports that , Willis Stein & Partners, which owns Milwaukee-based Roundy’s Inc., has decided not to try to sell the company, at least for the time being, and instead is interesting in acquiring Safeway-owned Dominick’s in Chicago if the company comes up for sale.

Safeway is not commenting on the possibility.

According to the story, “A Roundy’s-Dominick’s combination has been talked about before. Not only has Roundy’s set its sights on the Chicago market, with plans to open a dozen or more stores here, Roundy’s Chairman and CEO Robert Mariano is a former chief of Dominick’s.

“But this is the first time that Roundy’s owner has identified Dominick’s as an acquisition target. A significant Chicago presence—Dominick’s has 82 locations here—could make Roundy’s more attractive to a potential buyer.”

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