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The Dallas Morning News reported on a survey that it did of that market’s four major grocery chains, discovering that, according to its secret shoppers, “each chain achieved the high score in one of the four categories. Wal-Mart had the lowest prices. Tom Thumb had the best customer service. Albertson's had the shortest lines. Kroger had the best selection. But overall in our study, Kroger finished first, thanks to its second-place finish in the other three categories.”

The story also highlighted the problems that Safeway-owned Tom Thumb and Cerberus-owned Albertsons are having in the marketplace.

For example, “Tom Thumb has struggled with its identity since its acquisition in 1999 by Safeway Inc. The chain has been upgrading stores recently to try to recapture market share,” the News reports.

In the case of Albertsons, the “short lines” category in which it got the top spot is seen as a mixed blessing, since it is entirely possible that it has the shortest checkout lines because it has the fewest customers. Albertsons says that’s not the case.

The News also reports that Albertsons LLC “has closed more than 30 stores in North Texas since it was acquired by private investors in 2006. At the beginning of this year, Albertson's closed six in the Dallas area, including the chain's kosher-certified store at Campbell and Coit roads in Richardson. The company said this week that its Rockwall store is closing.”
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