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The verdict is in. Actor Paul Newman, who has done so much to take the sting out of the lives of sick children all over the world by becoming a food industry hustler who donates all of his profits to charity – more than $200 million so far – has decided that the next prize is to be found in the wine business. – in essence, he is sending a message in a bottle. It isn’t like he will be selling consumers wines that only can be consumed from a silver chalice; rather, he has decided that the winning combination will be to collaborate with between Trinchero Family Estates, which makes Sutter Home, and Three Thieves, which buys grapes and finished wine to sell under its name.
KC's View:
Even though Newman has pretty much retired from acting, he continues to have an impact as he enters the twilight of his life. Nobody’s fool, he has come up with more than a quintet of products that have generated far more than pocket money for a number of charities. What a way to go. What a generous hombre he is. When he goes, he’s almost certainly going to find that somebody up there likes him because of his great notion about how to give back to his community.