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The Florida Times-Union reports that Winn-Dixie closed its annual shareholders meeting to the local media this week, saying that they were simply being cautious and “buttoned down.” Audio recordings of the session were given out to reporters after the meeting was over.

Experts interviewed by the paper say that while the move may not have been great public relations, it certainly was legal.

KC's View:
Granted, I have a bias when it comes to stories like these…but this is just plain dumb.

It ends up looking like Winn-Dixie is afraid that the reporters might ask questions for which it has no answers, or that the reporters will hear the shareholders ask questions for which they have no answers. Either way, the lack of answers will find their way into the media…and now the reporters are going to do it with an attitude.

What’s strange is that Winn-Dixie has been getting some pretty good local press lately, with people writing about what is seen by some as a turnaround that is making progress. Not only is this a dumb move, but it is badly timed.