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Business Week> reports that the federal government’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has launched an investigation into Wal-Mart that is related to its alleged treatment of a whistleblower there.

The case concerns an administrative assistant who reported what she believed could have been insider trading by a senior executive. While the executive was cleared, the assistant’s identity was inadvertently revealed to the executive, forcing the assistant to look for another job within the company.

While the assistant eventually did get another job at Wal-Mart, she filed the complaint with OSHA because “she contends Wal-Mart broke its own promise of confidentiality by revealing her identity, which caused her three months of extreme stress as she looked for a new job. She says she has been diagnosed with stress-induced angina, has separated from her husband, and has had her house foreclosed.”

Wal-Mart has responded that the assistant agreed to have her identity revealed, something that she denies.
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