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AHN Media has a story suggesting that “Wal-Mart is contemplating jumping into the largely unsuccessful business model of online grocery shopping, according to sources. Analysts close to the deal say the retailer is on the cusp of trying to form a strategy to deliver grocery products to customers in the markets it serves in the United States … the retailer has the locations and the selection to serve almost every populous area of the U.S. -- all it needs is a strategy and a delivery fleet. However the company has tried parcel delivery of food products. If plans are moving forward it would likely differ from others by offering same-day or next-day delivery that could feature a majority of pre-packaged and fresh food from a local Wal-Mart location.”
KC's View:
This is inevitable. Wal-Mart has the muscle, it has much of the infrastructure, and it has the need to drive greater sales.

That doesn’t mean that Wal-Mart will be successful. Online grocery shopping can be a morass…and it isn’t a certain path to greater sales, and profits can be even more elusive. But the Bentonville Behemoth certainly could cause more than a few ripples, and it would get a lot of attention.