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• The Everett Herald reports that Haggen Inc., which has sold more than 31,000 reusable grocery bags at its 32 stores in the Pacific Northwest, “is also developing a tote that can handle hot or cold food as well as another tote suitable for wine bottles.”

• Shareholders of Applebee’s International have approved the sake of the company to IHOP Corp. for about $2.1 billion.

• The National Retail Federation (NRF) says that Americans are spending more than $5 billion to celebrate Halloween tonight, up 58 percent over the past five years. While his is less than a third of the money spent each year on Valentine’s Day, it is a growing pile of money – and it seems to be getting bigger every year.

• The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Ohio State Legislature will be considering a bill that would, if passed, would ban the use of trans fats by the state’s restaurants. The bill would not apply to packaged grocery products.

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