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On the subject of Delhaize and a much-speculated about acquisition of Ahold, MNB user David Livingston wrote:

I remember Hannaford was for sale in the late 90s and working on the project visiting stores. I was so impressed going from one store to the other. I thought to myself whoever buys this chain is getting a good company. All the employees I talked with had such positive things to say about the company. That is so rare with publicly held supermarkets. Delhaize ended up buying it. Now when I visit Ahold stores I can't say the same. Morale at store level is terrible. This past year I've worked on several acquisition projects involving Tops in Ohio. The only way they were doing so bad is that someone wanted them to on purposes. … Ahold has become this incredible shrinking company, much the same way A&P has been getting smaller over the years. Delhaize seems to have too much class to buy a company that is spiraling downward.

It’s during such a spiral that deals are made, isn’t it?

But I agree with you about Delhaize and all of its US operations – first rate all the way.

On the subject of Haggen and its food orientation, MNB user Ted File offered:

Under the leadership of Dale Henley and his entire staff, rest assured that the program will work and be profitable. When you visit with people from Haggen's most of them have grown up in the industry and many have worked with and for Haggen's their entire life. They are visionaries, are a profitable company, and willing to take a

Agreed on all counts.

Regarding Wal-Mart store opening plans for next year, one MNB user wrote:

Isn't it amazing how 140 new Wal-Mart supercenters opening in 2008 has everyone thinking Bentonville is losing its edge, while 7, count 'em 7, Tesco markets opening next month with the combined square footage of less than one supercenter has everyone concerned? One thing's for sure - Tesco's public and media relations staff appear to be much more savvy than Wal-Mart - and if they're that good at pre-opening media and advertising (we've been hearing about this for over a year now), what will the stores be like? the man said, "the times they are a'changin'."

There’s a reason they call it news

I got a number of emails responding to my brief sports report about the World Series yesterday.

One MNB user wrote:

Why not join Rudy Giuliani and root for the AL team? Those of us who live in NY, but grew up in Boston would enjoy the company of your rooting for the (soon to be) winning team!

I have no doubt that the Sox will win, and living in Connecticut, I have a regional interest in seeing a New England team triumphant. However, “rooting” probably would be too strong, and I address some of these issues below in OffBeat. (besides, I’m a Mets fan, and the pain hasn’t gone away yet…)

And MNB user Tom Murphy wrote (after Game One):

Nice win by the BoSox! As a Rockies fan, hope the hitting cools off!

It did…though the result was the same….
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