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The Boston Business Journal reports that Stop & Shop is projecting that during the course of the current World Series, in which the Boston Red Sox are playing the Colorado Rockies, New England fans and Stop & Shop customers are expected “to purchase 40,000 pounds of hot dogs, 30,000 bags of Cracker Jack, 90,000 gallons of ice cream, 280,000 gallons of soda and 250,000 pounds of chicken wings.”

And that’s just the people who are more worried about Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz than they are about nutrition.

Stop & Shop also reportedly projects that more health-minded shoppers will “munch on an estimated 40,000 pounds of veggie burgers, 20,000 fruit platters and 100,000 pounds of salad.”
KC's View:
I know this is going to get me in trouble at home, and probably with my internist, but I think I’d rather hang out with the people eating hot dogs and chicken wings.