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• The Dallas Morning News reports that Supervalu “has fallen prey to an e-mail scam, losing about $10 million after wiring money to fraudulent bank accounts.”

According to the story, “The fraud began after the Minnesota-based supermarket chain received two e-mails – one from someone purporting to be an American Greetings Corp. employee and another claiming to be with Plano-based Frito-Lay, according to court documents. Both e-mails claimed the companies wanted payments sent to new bank accounts.

“Supervalu sent more than $6.5 million to the phony American Greetings account and nearly $3.6 million to the phony Frito-Lay account before realizing it was all a scam. The FBI was able to capture the money before it was whisked away by the scammers, but now American Greetings, Frito-Lay and Supervalu have all laid claim to the money.”
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