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Sometimes, you can’t win.

The Scotsman reports that in the UK, Cadbury is taking heat from nutritionists over its decision to reduce prices on its chocolate bars by as much as 40 percent between now and the end-of-year holidays.

According to the story, “the move was condemned by nutritionists and obesity campaigners, who believe it will encourage youngsters to choose unhealthy snacks.”

Siobhan Santry, a spokesperson for the improbably named anti-obesity organization Toast, tells the newspaper, “The availability of food and the cheapness is definitely a factor in obesity rates. So I think discounting of unhealthy foods is a worry when you constantly are seeing the prices of healthy foods going up and we have been told to expect a price increase in certain vegetables because of the disastrous summer.”
KC's View:
I could be wrong about this, but it seems to me that when people of any age are choosing between a chocolate bar and an apple, the price very rarely is a factor. And you can't really blame the chocolate guys for trying to build sales – that’s sort of what they are supposed to do, last time I checked the capitalism handbook.

I still think that one of the reasons that there is an obesity problem in so many places is that very often nutrition has become about denial, not about intelligent choices and informed indulgences.