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Last week, MNB reported that numerous publications had quoted Mark Price, managing director of Waitrose in the UK, as saying that Britain’s Competition Commission should slow Tesco’s growth and dominance there, lest the nation become “Tescoland.” Price accuses Tesco of using its marketing and financial muscle to capture virtually every decent site in the UK, and that proximity – rather than choice – dictates why so many consumers decide to shop at Tesco.

Forbes now reports that Tesco CEO Sir Terry Leahy is furious at Price, and sent him a letter asking for a public retraction. And Price reportedly stood by his comments. There also are reports that both side have been talking to their lawyers, so there may be litigation before this all is over.
KC's View:
I wonder if Sir Terry ever thinks to himself, ‘Y’know, since I’m a knight and Price is not, maybe I ought to just have him beheaded.”

Not that he could behead him. But just that it might seem like an attractive option.