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Do you know who Kathleen Casey-Kirschling is?

You should. Because she represents an enormous demographic shift in this country.

Fox News reports that “Kathleen Casey-Kirschling filed for early retirement Monday, becoming the first baby boomer to start collecting Social Security,” and that the retired teacher “leads the way for as many as 80 million individuals who will qualify for the retirement payout.”
KC's View:
The political question, of course, is whether Social Security will have enough money to pay out to all these potential recipients. Most would argue no, though the exact date on which Social Security will run out of money depends on what legislative fixes are applied by the government, as well as how much money from the system is used by the government to pay for other things.

But the marketing questions, while perhaps not quite as serious, also are a challenge to retailers and marketers. How will these boomers’ shopping habits change and evolve? And what steps must markets make in order to simultaneously appeal to this aging generation and the younger people who will, I think, demonstrate vastly different acquisitional habits.