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The American Meat Institute (AMI) has launched a new outreach program entitled ‘Meat Matters,” which it describes as “a series of brochures that can be downloaded and printed from a new, centralized web site,” and that are appropriate for consumers, retailers and foodservice operators.

The seven brochures focus on case-ready meats and the impact that this system has on freshness and color; product dating and the difference between sell-by dates and use-by dates, as well as offering consumers storage tips; safe handing of mat and poultry; nutrition; cloning; animal welfare issues; and “how the meat industry is using enhancing solutions in lean meat cuts to maintain juiciness, prevent overcooking and ensure good eating experiences.”
KC's View:
The whole notion of “consumer outreach” is a good one, especially at a time when shoppers are looking not just for better products, but also better information about how to use them. Smart retailers may be able to find ways to make these brochures available to consumers not just in-store, but also via their own websites.