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It may not be quite the same thing as trying to sell ice to Eskimos, but the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Taco Bell is for the first time trying to sell its Americanized vision of the taco – a hard shell with ground beef, tomato and sour cream – in Mexico.

While some criticize its bland taste, other say it could be successful simply because it is American, and American products are seen as being high in quality.
KC's View:
The reason I don't eat at Taco Bell and places like it is summed up in one statement made to the paper by Rob Poetsch, a spokesman for Yum Brands, which owns Taco Bell.

“What we are bringing to Mexico is not Mexican food, it's our exciting quick-service restaurant brand,” he tells the paper. “We feel the timing is right, and we've done quite a bit of consumer research to validate that this goes beyond product. It's about value and convenience – that's the universal appeal.”

In other words, it is about the brand. Not about the food.

The food itself is lowest common denominator food, and it may someday be America’s legacy that we spread this crap all over the planet, killing off the notion of authentic cuisines whenever possible.