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MSNBC reports that ads for Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving, when so many retailers open early and offer special deals in order to jump start the holiday shopping season – already are starting to show up online.

The retailer facing an early release of its ad is Ace Hardware – and the ad reportedly can be seen at
KC's View:
You just know that that this is just the beginning…that we’re all going to deluged by these ads between now and mid-November.

Wal-Mart already has announced some holiday price cuts. (Always low prices…but sometimes even lower.) And the holiday catalogs already have started to arrive in the mail.

If we’re going to start seeing holiday ads and stories about holiday ads in the beginning of October, I’m going to take the pledge right now – I’m not going to shop the day after Thanksgiving, and in fact am not going to shop all weekend. Instead, I’m going to do as much as I can to do as much shopping as possible on the Internet.