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The Leader-Post in Canada reports that Sobeys has opened a new store n Regina, Saskatchewan, that is unique in its specific appeal to food enthusiasts.

According to the paper, “Connoisseurs who like cooking and eating delicious food -- and maybe even enjoy watching gourmet cooking shows on television -- should love the new store … In addition to the usual selection of standard grocery items, the new store will have a special emphasis on gourmet foods, on fresh products and on restaurant quality gourmet foods that -- if desired -- can be taken home already cooked. A qualified chef will even be on staff to give cooking demonstrations and to consult with both customers and store staff about recipes and about the cooking of delicious meals.”

Sobeys management describes the new store as a “test” that it will use to gauge growing consumer interest.
KC's View:
You have to push the envelope a little bit to see exactly how far the consumer wants you – or will allow you – to go. The notion that a store can be kind of a “live” version of the Food Network is sort of intriguing…and I’ll be interested to see how it pans out.