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Advertising Age reports that CBS - which seems to have fixated on the supermarket as a place to market its fall programming schedule – is “frosting the doors of freezers with images for its vampire drama, ‘Moonlight.’

“Thanks to a technique CBS calls Visual Ice, shoppers will see the name of the series and its premiere date … on the door of a supermarket freezer. When the door is opened, the image of a moon and the lead character, Alex, become visible.

“The frosty images are just the latest of a series of CBS promotions related to food shopping and eating. Among the list of CBS promo plans are Chinese-food containers decked out in ‘Survivor: China’ logos and tune-in information and sugar packets flogging ‘Cane,’ the CBS drama centering on a Cuban-American family and its rum empire. CBS has also arranged for labels to tout the network's prime-time lineup on packaging and containers available at supermarket deli counters.”
KC's View:
God forbid these stores actually find new and innovative ways to actually market frozen food products.

Don't get me started…this is just another in a series of developments that suggest retailers are spending more time looking for the quick ad buck than pursuing long-term strategies that actually bolster their own brands.