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The Lakeland Ledger notes that George Jenkins Jr., the founder of Publix Super Markets, would have turned 100 years old over the weekend.

Barney Barnett, his son-in-law and the vice chairman of Publix's board, tells the paper that “he would certainly be amazed at what's been accomplished. I think he would be saying we're growing too fast, probably. He was always concerned about the ability to train people, train enough people, to make Publix consistent throughout the chain, and that would be his concern. But he had that concern when we were adding five stores a year, too. He was a guy that was always just encouraging people to make sure they train people well so they could treat the customers the way he wanted the customer to be treated.”

And Jenkins’ daughter, Carol Jenkins Barnett, the president of Publix Super Markets Charities, adds, “I think he would embrace the fact that we've gone and tried to work on different ideas; it's just making sure that you don't lose sight of your core business while you're pursuing a trend. He was more conservative but yet he did like to address emerging trends in consumer wants and needs.”
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