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A new study released by Gladson Interactive suggests that 90 percent of the over 200,000 products examined contained at least one error in either product height, width or depth dimensions – and that nearly one in every five products had errors of greater than 25 percent.

According to Gladson CEO Mike Spindler, “Studies conducted in the mid-1990’s by a leading packaged goods manufacturer estimated that a planogram goes out of compliance at the rate of ten percent each week,” he says. “Based on our findings, there is a high probability that most planograms are never set as intended in the first place due to these product measurement inaccuracies.” These inaccuracies, he says, are a major cause of out-of-stocks, which lead to customer dissatisfaction.
KC's View:
This is the kind of technical stuff that I must confess that I know very little about. But it sounds bad…and it makes me wonder whether other industries suffer from the same kinds of problems.