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Internet Retailer reports that Meijer has launched its new e-commerce site, which features “several advanced features and functions, including rich media, guided navigation and a shopping cart that includes larger images and a shipping tax calculator,” as well as “other customer service features such as a text messaging service that alerts Meijer shoppers to gas price increases and specials at Meijer’s stores in Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.”

• Anheuser-Busch announced this week that “despite lackluster traffic averaging 50,000 unique visitors per month,” it plans to stay with its Bud.TV website through the end of next year – and in fact, has decided to end a 25-year NASCAR sponsorship in order to focus more on Bud.TV, according to a story in the Hollywood Reporter.

Anheuser-Busch already has invested more than $20 million in Bud.TV.
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