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The Wall Street Journal joins the chorus of media outlets reporting on the opening of the new Publix GreenWise store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. (MNB reported on this weeks ago, and it seems like everybody in Florida has carried a story about the format, which Publix describes as “the future” and what it has to do to remain competitive.)

For Publix, the Journal writes, “it's the next step in trying to capture more of the fast-growing organic food segment after it started selling organic and natural products under its GreenWise brand eight years ago. The store “carries meats with no added hormones and a produce section that has 50% organic products compared with roughly 10% in conventional stores. It will also have hundreds of other products not available in conventional Publix locations.

“Publix also hopes to appeal to health food buffs and gourmands with prepared foods like Italian stuffed shrimp, low carb mashed cauliflower and Japanese-style tempeh. The prepared fare also includes an Asian fusion hot bar with vegetarian options, cold salad bar, a gelato and organic coffee bar, a Mediterranean pizza oven and a grill and carving station.” As well as Oreos and other mainstream offerings, of course – Public hopes to differentiate itself from the likes of Whole Foods by having a broader selection that will appeal to more shoppers.
KC's View:
The question, I guess, is whether the typical GreenWise shopper will find the combination to be inconsistent and jarring, or will welcome it as particularly sited to his or her needs. I’d bet on the latter…but only time will prove if Publix is right in placing its bets on GreenWise.