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The Wall Street Journal reports this morning about a new report issued by the Carbon Disclosure Project saying that “the world's biggest companies are making climate change a higher priority, in part through more widespread disclosure of carbon emissions,” and said that the seriousness of the commitment is a marked change for corporate entities.

Among the companies cited in the report for aggressively attacking the issue: Wal-Mart and Tesco.

The Journal reports that “former U.S. President Bill Clinton, who appeared with the nonprofit group to release the report, said Monday that the U.S. has missed out on the biggest job-creation engine in years by ignoring the need to combat climate change through reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Clinton said the U.S. had ignored the climate change problem, and in doing so, passed up the chance to create jobs the way the U.K. has by deciding to exceed the carbon reduction goals set in the Kyoto protocol, which the U.S. has not signed.”
KC's View:
Is it ironic that a Democrat seems to be saying that without the use of regulatory cudgels, industry seems to be doing on its own that which the US government has been unwilling to contemplate?

And not just any Democrat, but the possible future “First Laddie”…

But seriously, it is god to see that many in the business world are attacking the problem, as opposed to allying themselves with the people who deny that the problem really exists.

(And yes, I know there are scientists who say that global warming is normal and not the result of our industrialized society. But there also were scientists who said that smoking wouldn’t hurt you…and I think they share a credibility level.)