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The Associated Press reports that a lawsuit against Starbucks has been given class action status by a Florida judge, who ruled that a suit could go forward that charges that the retailer can be sued on behalf of 900 store managers. The suit suggests that the managers are just “glorified baristas,” and as such ought to paid “overtime wages, damages and attorney's fees that could total tens of millions of dollars.”

The case apparently hinges on how many non-managerial duties are being performed by these managers; the AP notes that Caribou Coffee is facing a similar lawsuit.
KC's View:
Not to judge the merits of the case, nor to defend Starbucks, but I have one observation.

When I walk into my neighborhood Starbucks, the manager sometimes is making coffee, and he knows instantly, without my saying anything, that I want a venti skim latte. If he’s nearby, working the register or just supervising, he’ll tell the person making the coffee what I’m going to order.

This sort of hands-on approach, I think, makes him a better manager, not a lesser one. If he were in his office al the time “managing,” I’m not sure he’d be very good.