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The Boston Globe reports that “a local cancer charity that has raised more than $1 million for Massachusetts General Hospital by selling memorial bracelets recalled about 200,000 of the beaded accessories yesterday after receiving a report that a 9-month-old boy became ill after ingesting lead when he put one in his mouth.” The supplier, according to the Globe, was from China.

And the New York Times reports that “one million cribs designed by Simplicity for Children, a manufacturer based in Pennsylvania, have been recalled after the suffocation deaths of at least two children, the government said yesterday. It was the company’s fourth recall in a little more than two years.” The ribs were made – though not designed – in China.

Meanwhile, Mattel reportedly apologized to the Chinese government over the weekend, saying that it was sorry for having harmed China’s reputation through the recall of almost 20 million China-made toys during the summer for safety reasons. There is some debate over the context of the apology, with some people criticizing Mattel for apparently kowtowing to a government that has had few safety regulations enforced or even in place. But Mattel has denied that this is what it did.
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