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So much for encouraging healthy eating habits in schoolchildren.

The California Department of Public Health, eager to get the state’s children to eat better, bought and gave away some 300,000 lunchboxes bearing slogans such as "Eat Fruits & Vegetables and Be Active."

Now, however, the lunchboxes are being recalled, according to the Los Angeles Times, because they were made with unhealthy levels of lead. No injuries have yet been reported, but officials had no choice since no exposure to lead is considered safe.

And where were the lunchboxes made?

KC's View:
I’m actually beginning to feel a little sorry for China, because the hits on its reputation just keep on coming.

It is going to be interesting to see how many more “Made in America” signs we all see in the coming months, especially as we get close to the holidays,. Many, many more, I’d expect.