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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted permission to a major Chinese seafood exporter, Zhangian Guolian Aquatic Products, to begin shipping farmed shrimp to the United States.

Major restrictions were put on Chinese seafood exporters after it was discovered earlier this year that there was repeated use of unapproved drugs in farmed seafood – shrimp, catfish, eel and several other varieties – that was coming from China.

The FDA lifted the restrictions on Zhangian Guolian Aquatic Products after doing both its own inspections and getting third-party analyses of five different shipments by the company. This is the first company to be exempted from the restrictions since they were implemented last June.
KC's View:
I can't imagine that “farmed shrimp, made in China” will be much of a selling point. But it is precisely the kind of information that consumers deserve to have.