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Published reports say that British authorities believe they have identified a new case of foot-and-mouth disease, at a farm in Surrey, on the outskirts of London. More importantly, the farm on which the new case has been found is just 30 miles from a farm where another case was found last month, and where there was a mass slaughter of the cattle in order to contain any spread of the disease.

A similar slaughter of cattle at the new farm has begun, and officials reportedly have established a three-mile containment zone. All animal traffic has been banned in Surrey, even as officials wait for confirmation that the disease actually has reoccurred.

There is a financial implication to the new discovery. The European Union suspended the sale of live British livestock when the August case became public, and has now suspended plans to end that suspension in November. A broader meat export ban reportedly is under consideration.

Both the August case and the new one are within fairly close proximity to a government laboratory where research into maladies such as foot-and-mouth disease takes place, but an effort to ascertain whether the August outbreak originated there were inconclusive.
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