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• The Austin Business Journal reports that H.E. Butt Grocery Co. will acquire five Albertson's store locations in the area.

"Central Texas is growing fast and this is part of our long term plan to keep up with that growth," Jeff Thomas, HEB senior vice president and general manager of the Central Texas region, tells the paper. "We've been wanting to serve these neighborhoods for a long time."
According to the story, HEB plans to double the staff size at each of the new stores.

• The Wall Street Journal reports that PepsiCo is defying tradition in China by introducing a red soda can, which the company says is designed to be coordinated with the nation’s flag and national sports team colors. Traditionally, however, it has been Coca-Cola that has had red cans, while Pepsi has featured blue cans.

The Journal suggests that Coke is amused by the move, and that at least some consumers are confused.
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