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IHL Consulting Group has come out with a new study suggesting that the average American woman could lose 4.1 pounds a year by not buying impulse items stocked at supermarket checkout lines.

According to the study, women purchase and consume as much as 14,300 calories a year at checkout, which generally offer chips, candy and soda as so-called “impulse purchases.”
KC's View:
Now, there’s a ulterior motive to making the conclusions public. The IHL study also suggests that women can lose the weight by using self-checkout systems … and the study is entitled “2007 North American Self-Checkout Systems.”

But these are still interesting conclusions. At a time when people are concerned about health and fitness, maybe it is time to emphasize snack-free checkout lanes, regardless of whether the lanes are staffed or self-service. I know that many stores have eliminated candy from some lanes as a way of helping parents deal with whiny and demanding children, but here is another way to market the fact that the store is interested in its shoppers’ well-being.